Calling on contributors!


We are looking for contributors to this blog. But, there are a few ground rules you must follow and agree to prior to being approved as a contributor.

These include:
  1. The purpose of this blog is to provide updates about the winter multi-use trails at Happy Jack. Posts about trail conditions, downed trees, recruiting help for packing efforts, races or events and such are encouraged.
  2. This blog is not a place to endorse businesses, provide negative commentary about user interactions, or for advocacy.
  3. This blog shall serve all winter recreation groups that are compatible with the winter-use trails at Happy Jack, which include (in no particular order): fat bikers, hikers, nordic skiers, runners, snowshoers and their dogs (if any).
We may add to or change these rules, but hopefully this outlines some of the main attributes of what we are interested in.

If you are a regular user to this area and you feel like you could make a contribution, we welcome you as a contributor. Here is what you need to do next:
  1. Send e-mail to from a gmail account (you need to have a gmail account to be included as a contributor).
  2. State that you agree to the terms.
  3. Wait (a day or so) until I can get you added as a contributor.
  4. Post when you have information.

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